“I would sum up the review as a WOW… Freya was more enthusiastic, and more enticing than my last encounter… she straddled me while I was face and body down and proceeded to massage while rather wonderfully riding my backside (sounds weird, totally hot…)… Her body slide brought her breasts to my face and mouth, while her hands wrapped around my self… WOW she performed rather well. I think I may have discovered a new fetish I didn’t think I had… Spectacular! Very hot encounter and worth the time, outside of FS. Enjoy at your leisure.”

Marius, reviewer, perb.cc

“I have seen Freya a couple of times and find her so sexy and she seems to get into the session and causing me torment…”

– Stressrelease, reviewer, perb.cc

“You did discipline me well indeed! Of the six Mistresses I have served over the years, you are the best, Mistress Freya!”

– @Disciplinedgary, client, twitter.com

“Just like the fine wine which gets better by time, memories of my sessions with Mistress Freya Rose gets sweeter day after day. Mistress Freya Rose is the embodiment of the art and philosophy of sensual female domination. None of my other experiences as a fetishist slave was even close to my submissions to this amazing goddess. The vibrations of her dominant voice is still in my ears after two years. A simple glance at her dominant presence while she was walking around with those exquisitely pedicured feet brought me to my knees every single time.  She is a jewel that needs to be preserved. A session with her will be a unique experience, the one that will be remembered for years.”

– Yan Y, client, via email

“Freya is creative, bold, teasing and adventurous. She is also gorgeous with very sexy hips, perfect breasts, kissable toes and a killer smile. She is every guy’s dream but then the spanking paddle and strap-on come out and she becomes your darkest submissive fantasy. Her creative use of fingering is unparalleled. After an hour with Freya I was calm, delightfully wrung out, and smiling with a blissfully destroyed ass. My needs are uncomplicated but my understanding is that Freya can cater to some very dramatic tastes. If you are in the mood to submit to a deserving goddess you should definitely make contact with Freya Rose.”

– Darius, client, via email

“First thing I noticed when meeting her is that she has this supreme confidence in herself; I consider myself pretty confident but with her it’s on another level to the point where it can be a little intimidating. But trust me, she’s very friendly and easy to talk to. Not judgmental in the least. Caters to a wide range of tastes. Clearly loves what she does, and the fact that she’s super attractive is an added bonus. Definitely book at least 1.5 hours, time goes by really quickly with her. You won’t regret it.

– bieberhole69, reviewer, perb.cc

Succumb to temptation. Release control, and surrender to me.

Caress my soft feet, worship and please me just right, and you’ll find I’m a most generous Mistress; ready to grant you the release you’ve been longing for.

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